I always liked to work with choreographers making videos for them. Their high level of spontaneity was always helping me to push my creative horizons and not be afraid to create new stories, new story lines right in the moment, during the shooting.

We did not plan to add any story to this dancing video. It was created suddenly when we saw a kite seller near the metro station where we were gathering.

The openness of my colleagues, my friends, my co-authors helped me to add a romantic background to this dancing video.

September, 2010
Magenta Production

Music is a magical media that can tune our mood, change our emotions. But not always we are on the same wave with people that are around us. We can like each other from the first sight. But during approaching more and more somethimes we find differences in our attitudes that we cannot deal with.

I knew that Anita Berkhane, with whom I made friends during our work on a project "Circumstances" (2008) is a talented actress always ready to experiment. She never studied acting before but was very organic to any situation. We made this short video clip with Anita, actor Roman Sorokin and my assistant Irina Todyryak during one ride in a trolleybus. We did not have any permissions from the transport department. We just were very comfortable for other passengers and acted naturally.

September, 2009
Magenta Production

For promoting his dancing studio and his hip-hop lessons my friend, choreographer Alexey Simba asked me to make a video of a dancing lesson. This format was quite new to me and this fact made me to agree. I always try to work in different genres to extend the range of my abilities.

Our aim was not only to show the choreograhphy, but to show the spirit of this dance, to add some jokes that could show the charisma of the teacher and make him more attractive for the future students.

I acted on this video as a cameraman, director and editor.

April, 2012

I was asked by a very talented in Moscow dancer, dj and celebrity Sam Zakharov to make a dancing video with a soundtrack "Dirty Dance". And this video had to include some love story.

The music felt sinister and ominous to me. That's why I created a story with a vampire. We were shooting mostly at night in Moscow without permissions that did not cause any problems. It was the highest moment of freedom and creativity with two talented people - Sam Zakharov and Anita Berkhane. I always knew how supportive, undemanding and bright Anita can be. That was the reason I asked her to play the role of the vampire.

Sam Zakharoff

This is one of the videos made in a cycle "This is Just a Decease". My friend, colleague and my mentor - film director Pavel Ruminov was always thinking about the theme of cancer. It was a presonal story of his family. And finally he has found a determination to start working with this very serious topic.

Paul wrote a script for a full-length feature film about a woman suffering from cancer and looking for step parents for her son. During the preparational period we were visiting clinics where we were making interviews with patients having treatment and finally Paul came to the idea of making an inspiring cycle about people that got a course of chemoterapy and returned to their life. That became happy, healthy and full of life again.

March, 2012
Podari Zhizn

Тораджа – это христианский островок в преимущественно мусульманской провинции Южный Сулавеси. Так случилось в основном из-за изолированности горного региона.

Через него не проходили торговые пути и ислам, который распространялся в Индонезии во многом благодаря торговым контактам, не получил в Торадже большого распространения.

В 17 веке соседние с Тораджей территории в низинах Сулавеси и занимавшиеся морской торговлей  стали мусульманами. А Тана Тораджа до начала 20 века оставалась языческой.

This website was planned as a listing of the most interesting locations around Bali. Sometimes not so touristic yet and popular but places with unique spirit or nature and that have a strong potential.

There are still so many interesting places that are unknown by many tourists. Places that keep their natural charm and help to connect with Bali traditions, culture and way of life. Many of these places are sutiated on the distance from well developed and touristic south of the island. Exactly this fact helped them to stay aside from noise and changes. 

November, 2015 to December, 2015

Dixi is a very well known network of supermarkets in Russia. Also it produces the food with it's own brand - "D". We've got an order to promote this brand in 3 different ways:

September, 2015 to October, 2015

Какими бы ни были бесконечными праздники – рано или поздно они заканчиваются. То же самое относится и траурным тораджийским фестивалям.

Казалось бы все мероприятия в составе такого фестиваля призваны отвлечь родственников от мыслей от смерти. Чтобы за хлопотами по организации встречи гостей, парадов они забыли о тяжком событии.

Финальной точкой траурного тораджийского фестиваля становятся проводы тела к месту захоронения. Это последний день мероприятий. Все место проведения церемоний приходит в некоторое запустение.