I was born in Saint-Petersburg. All my childhood I dreamed of discoveries that I can do, and traveling around the world. I graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Comparative Politics.

Education at the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science studies gave me a serious scientific basis and approach and opened to me the variety of the phenomena of the modern world.

I worked a lot in media - radio, television, news agencies, in sociological studies and in cinema. I really enjoyed all of my projects. But as soon as I have got the opportunity to discover the world, going to a journey without a final point, I immediately rushed into this adventure.

Film Pics

This film for me was more like an adventure. I had plenty of time and many interesting friends but no money. So, I decided to make a zero-budget film.

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Film 'I Will Be Around

This was one of my most serious works in cinema as a producer. Working with script, casting, looking for locations, working with crew - all this gave me an enormous experience that is not possible to forget.

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