Company: Podari Zhizn
March, 2012

This is one of the videos made in a cycle "This is Just a Decease". My friend, colleague and my mentor - film director Pavel Ruminov was always thinking about the theme of cancer. It was a presonal story of his family. And finally he has found a determination to start working with this very serious topic.

Paul wrote a script for a full-length feature film about a woman suffering from cancer and looking for step parents for her son. During the preparational period we were visiting clinics where we were making interviews with patients having treatment and finally Paul came to the idea of making an inspiring cycle about people that got a course of chemoterapy and returned to their life. That became happy, healthy and full of life again.

I met Sergey Shorokh in Saint-Petersburg for an interview. He showed me his present work. He became a photographer. And one of his spheres is making photos of little kids having cancer. So the foundation can use the photographs for supporting the money donation. Sergey brought me to a concert of the orchestra where he used to play before the cancer.

But the new life started when he recovered gave him an astonishing possibility to see more, to understand the feelings and emotions better, to value every second of life. Exactly these qualities made him a very talented photographer.

I acted on this video as a producer, director, cameraman and editor.

Film director, Film producer