Company: Defoli
May, 2015 to July, 2015

This video means really much for me. It is connected with one of the most interesting periods of my life when I worked as a Project Manager in a creative agency Defoli.

The video was created as a promotional trailer for a kickstarter campaign of the tour around biggest cities of USA that was supposed to finish in Burning Man festival.

Unfortunately our American PR manager did not provide us with the publicity and the client decided to close the campaign 3 days after starting it with the intention to change the US PR agency and start the campaign again.

But working on planning of this tour gave me much experience, practical knowledge of US logistics, knowledge of Burning Man festival organization.

The motion design was made by a very talented person Alexandra Shavyrina.

I acted in this video as the producer, dicrector and editor. And was working as a Project Manager on this project.

As a project manager I was managing all the participants of it that we working in Bali. I made the planning of the tour around US with counting the budget, organized the cooperation with transport companies that were going to support us during this tour, made the planning of our Burning Man part. It was especially very important as no advertizing is allowed in Burning Man festival. I was managing the production of perks - needed to fundraise in KickStarter - t-shirts and hoodies that were supposed to be produced in Bali, playing cards (Legends Playing Cards Company), telescopic mugs (China).

Film director, Film producer, Project manager, Video editor