Company: Urom Union Cinema
July, 2007

This film was one of the provocative experiments of film director Pavel Ruminov. He decided to try a genre which was that time quite new and not customary to Russia - a slapstick comedy.

It is a story of a family - actress and sales manager. A husband in a fit of jealousy hits his wife in the head with a prize trophy. She falls down unconscious and a manager rushes to the apartament of his friend with whom they planned for this night a dinner for two couples. Finally an actress comes to this dinner but behave so unusually that others start to think that she could become a zombie.

All film was shot in a studio. So the main task for us was to create a space, that could be interesting for the audience for the period of the film.

We organized more than a dozen of rehearsals for the characters to make them really well acquanted. Because the story was very teatrical. And during these rehearsals our team with the main actors of the film "Circumstances" and additional actors created a separate film "Two Hours". It was a story about a man who died in a traffic accident but the death gave him 2 hours to say good bye to his close ones.

We had a serious promotional campaign. We had a blog of our film where several times per week our PR manager was posting photographs from the set and short interviews with the actors and team. In a post production our Production Artist Painted with hands the illustrations for the promotional website and posters.

I acted in this film as a Production Manager, Photographer and Web-Designer.

Film producer