This is a short presentation of our concept for coworking space in Bali.

Our client had a plot of land in a very busy and developed district of Bali - Seminyak. We suggested him to build a co-working that could function as a co-living or a hotel and business hub as well.

I made this project as a Project Manager. I made a market research of co-working spaces in the world, in South East Asia and in Bali in particular. I created a concept of a co-working space in Bali, made a budget and primary tasks that we needed for it on the location  - soil tests and geodesical tests.


This website was planned as a listing of the most interesting locations around Bali. Sometimes not so touristic yet and popular but places with unique spirit or nature and that have a strong potential.

There are still so many interesting places that are unknown by many tourists. Places that keep their natural charm and help to connect with Bali traditions, culture and way of life. Many of these places are sutiated on the distance from well developed and touristic south of the island. Exactly this fact helped them to stay aside from noise and changes. 

November, 2015 to December, 2015

This video means really much for me. It is connected with one of the most interesting periods of my life when I worked as a Project Manager in a creative agency Defoli.

The video was created as a promotional trailer for a kickstarter campaign of the tour around biggest cities of USA that was supposed to finish in Burning Man festival.

Unfortunately our American PR manager did not provide us with the publicity and the client decided to close the campaign 3 days after starting it with the intention to change the US PR agency and start the campaign again.

May, 2015 to July, 2015

This is an educational project for Russians wishing to study Indonesian language.

For this website I created 2 studybooks. One was a small one - with just one lesson giving basic phrases in Indonesian language. And the second studybook with around 23 Lessons with grammar comments, dialogues and made an online Indonesian-Russian dictionary.

I also gathered most popular and effective studybooks of Indonesin language for russians as well as books about Indonesian culture.

I made this website as a web-designer and author of language studybooks.

February, 2015 to March, 2015

Dixi is a very well known network of supermarkets in Russia. Also it produces the food with it's own brand - "D". We've got an order to promote this brand in 3 different ways:

September, 2015 to October, 2015

An online services store for a visa extension agency. An internet shop where people can order services including vide obtaining, extention, tickets to nearest islands etc.

I made this website as a web-designer and content manager and was providing social media management for this project for some time.

March, 2016

Our creative agency was developing a several plots of land in Lombok island. And finally we've got from this client an order to develop a project of modular houses that could be installed in these plots.

Modular houses are very easy in installation and exploitation. They can be produced in a factory, delivered to the site and installed in several hours. Mass production can make them more standard, cheap and exclude the possibility of production mistakes.

August, 2015