This website was planned as a listing of the most interesting locations around Bali. Sometimes not so touristic yet and popular but places with unique spirit or nature and that have a strong potential.

There are still so many interesting places that are unknown by many tourists. Places that keep their natural charm and help to connect with Bali traditions, culture and way of life. Many of these places are sutiated on the distance from well developed and touristic south of the island. Exactly this fact helped them to stay aside from noise and changes. 

November, 2015 to December, 2015

An online services store for a visa extension agency. An internet shop where people can order services including vide obtaining, extention, tickets to nearest islands etc.

I made this website as a web-designer and content manager and was providing social media management for this project for some time.

March, 2016

A website for the film of Pavel Ruminov "I will be around". Paul's interviews, information about the actors, blog of the film, list of crew and photographs.

I made this website as a web-designer and content manager.

May, 2011

An internet shop of Asian handicrafts. I made this website while working in a creative agency Defoli.

We were getting much requests for supporting in purchasing some statues or furniture produced in Bali or Indonesia. So, for increasing the convenience for our clients we created this internet shop.

I made it as a web-designer, photographer and content manager.

May, 2015

A website for a villas complex that our creative agency Defoli was helping to promote. Villas are situated in Bali.

I made a design and inner architecture for this website.

December, 2015
Moonlight Villas

This is the first website I made ever. I did it for my friend, steadicam operator - Igor Votintsev. This is his professional portfolio with videos, photographs and a list of projects we was working on.

I made the webdesign of this website and found the scenes in the films which Igor filmed to cut them from the films and publish here.

March, 2008
Igor Votintzev

A website for a very famous Russian blockbuster - "Mafia. Survival Game".

April, 2015