This video was created for a dancing team T1. We wanted to show a character of each team member through different music, different story, different style of dancing. And the one thing that was connecting them - frienship and inspiration to invest their time, emotions, energy to amazing choreography.

All the actors in this video are professional dancers that never studied acting. But the essence of their activity helps them to follow the story, to be natural in the circumstances that are suggested to them.

June, 2009
Magenta Production

The History of Toraja

Tana Toraja. Or simply Toraja. This name was not invented by the Torajanese. They were called this way by their Bugis neighbors who lived to the south downstream of the main Toraja river Sa Dan.
Inside their region, in the local language, many people call their land Toraya. Toraja – is a common Indonesian name.

Невероятно но факт. Наверное, тораджи это единсвтвенные люди на этой земле, которые остаются живы еще несколько лет после смерти. А все дело в том, что когда тораджиец умирает, действительно умершим его признают не сразу.

Этой привилегии удостаиваются не все тораджи, а члены высших каст тораджийской знати. Еще их называют – люди с золотой сердцевиной и люди с железной сердцевиной.

После того как тораджиец издает свой последний вздох, в дом вызывается то мебалун. Это особая профессия в Тана Торадже. Такой человек занимается всем, что связано с телом умершего.

The production of this film was really challenging. There was no definite location for filming this story in the script. The story was supposed to happen in the Middle Asia.

It is a story of middle aged woman, Baira, living in a village who's husband decided to take another wife - much younger and pregnant. Baira leaves the village tourmented by her jealousy and tries to find the solution for her problem in a big city.

March, 2007
Mentor Cinema