Tana Toraja – is a mountainous area on Sulawesi island in Indonesia.
Tana Toraja – are the picturesque rice terraces. The landscape for which Tana Toraja is called Indonesian Switzerland.
Tana Toraja – are the festivals lasting up to a month during which the guests are dancing and singing in praise of the deceased.
Tana Toraja – are the wooden houses with horned roofs built up without a single nail and decorated with carved symbols.
This is the faith that combines genuine Christianity and ancient pagan rituals.
It is a tradition of honoring water buffaloes who are cared for and on the appointed day sacrificed during the mass slaughtering rituals.
It is a tradition of mummification of the deceased bodies that are waiting for a few years until the family collects the money for the funerals.
It is buffalo fights that cost no casualties, but the emotions are overflowing.
And above all, it is the people who conquer your heart with their cheerfulness and hospitality. And the region where you want to return.


1. History

2. Religion

3. Traditional House